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Welcome to Ellsworth's Candlepin Alley!

Looking to visit us? This bowling alley isn't like any other bowling alley! Our lanes may be the oldest candlepin lane parts in the United States. Our candlepin lanes date back to the 50's while the scoring system is from the 70's!

Help Spread the Word of Candlepin Bowling to Make It Popular Again!

Because of the old school lanes we offer here, there are a lot of glitches and errors that are caused from these antique lanes and I am currently saving up to completely renovate and reconstruct the lanes! Each lane is roughly $25,000 to reconstruct. This includes, a whole new synthetic lane (the lanes now are 100% wood where they can't be oiled or cleaned with any liquid so they are incredibly hard to maintain!), tearing out the machines (they are mostly bubblegum and duct tape at this point!), placing in the new machines, and a new scoring system! There is only one business left that produces candlepin parts, they are located in Canada and only make newer parts. This is because Candlepin Bowling is an unfortunately dying sport. Many bowling alleys are closing down because of this and it has made it incredibly hard for me to find more parts (their parts do not work with mine since I have older parts). I'm down to my last motors and last parts for these lanes. Last winter there was a storm that came through that caused a power outage in the building. All of the lanes that were on during the time had fried the wires and monitors so we now have half manual and half automatic lanes at this time until the business makes enough to start the reconstruction of the lanes. Don't let any of this scare you away as it is an outstanding time for everyone! The experience of bowling on old school lanes and the retro vibes the place gives out is amazing! I make it my goal to make sure that everyone has an awesome time! it's currently just myself running the bowling portion with the help of some friends volunteering their time after their jobs to help me out. Because of this, I require reservations so that I may allow myself time to sanitize, maintain lanes, wash dishes, stock, etc.! Please help me get this business closer to its goal! Not only does the business offer candlepin bowling but also an arcade room, pool hall, dart boards, and corn hole! This nostalgic bowling alley is definitely a go to! Please refer to reviews as they will explain the many experiences and memories others have experienced here!

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